The Business Rules Engine

Rapid Development

CodaServer is chock full of features that make developers' lives easier.

  • An extensible data type system. Define it once, use it forever.
  • Built-in user and permission management that actually works. Never roll your own again.
  • Create your own CRUD properties. Don't be stuck in "everything is an UPDATE" land anymore. You can SHIP orders and READ books. Makes sense, huh?
  • Ref tables. Keeps static data in sync across all environments for things like dropdowns and selectors.
  • Subtables. Define parent-child relationships between tables and be more expressive with your schema.
  • Schema versioning with one-command deployment. All schema changes are tracked and can be rolled out to different environments easily.
  • A cron-like scheduler. Lets you schedule events in the database and prevents reliance on external systems.