The Business Rules Engine

Connecting to CodaServer from Application Languages

There are two main ways to connect to CodaServer from application languages:

  • Using a native driver for the language.
  • Using a Hessian web service driver to talk to the server.

The former option is the best solution, but at the current time the only native driver available is for PHP.

Connecting via Hessian is not that difficult, but the details of how to do it vary based on the particular Hessian iimplementation you are using. A list of all available implementations is available here.

CodaServer has two methods available via Hessian:

  • login(username, password, application, environment, group)
  • execute(sessionkey, command)

For the login() method, only the username and password are required. The return value is a session key on success, and a false on failure. That session key is what is required as the first argument to the execute() method.

Execute() returns a CodaServer response structure that has keys for error status, error listings, and data listings. How this is looks in a particular application language is highly dependent on the Hessian implementation.

If you write a native language driver for CodaServer and would like to make it available to the community, let us know! We would be glad to link to it in our downloads section.