The Business Rules Engine

Creating a CodaServer Database Driver

CodaServer has an architecture that allows it to connect to any backend database system that has a CodaServer Database Driver written for it. At this time, the following two drivers exist:

  • MySQL: The standard driver, connects to the MySQL RDBMS.
  • HSQLDB: An experimental driver for the HSQLDB embedded Java database.

Over time, more standard drivers should become available for other database systems as CodaServer use grows.

Creating a New Driver

If you would like to pitch in and create a CodaServer Database Driver, great! The process is pretty simple, and involves only implementing two Java language interfaces. These interfaces are:

  • CodaDatabase: An object which can create new CodaConnections.
  • CodaConnection: An object which encapsulates various operations CodaServer needs to perform on the host database.

You can download these two interfaces right here. This download also includes the implementations of various support classes required by CodaDatabase and CodaConnection, which should aid in driver development.

If you finish a driver implementation and want to make it available to the community, let us know! We would be glad to include it in the download section.