The Business Rules Engine

Sample Project Overview

Ring. Ring.

Ring. Ring.

You answer the phone, blearily. They always seem to call at the end of the day. The culprit this time is Tina, your friend from college who currently oversees admissions for a small university back east.

After the obligatory smalltalk (her sister is fine, thanks for asking) she gets around to the reason for her call: Her university needs a simple database for tracking students' contact information.

Can't you just use a spreadsheet, you ask, wary of where the conversation is headed. No, she says. The higher ups at the university want something a little more full-featured, and heard about this great new product, CodaSomething. "CodaServer?" you offer, having just read about it in the Amazing Technology Breakthrough Blog. That's the one! So, can you help me out?

You think for a minute. On the one hand, you have never used CodaServer before, but the blog article had been glowingly positive about it. Maybe this will be a good new tool in the toolbox. Besides, it's just one little project.

"Sure," you say. "You've got yourself a programmer!"

Tina is pleased. "You know, school budgets are pretty tight these days..."

Aren't friends great?