The Business Rules Engine


CodaServer builds on the work of many other open-source developers, and I am indebted to them for sharing their work with the public. In no specific order:

  • Groovy - a scripting language for the JVM, Groovy provides the power for CodaServer's procedures and triggers.
  • Apache HttpComponents - used for CodaServer's HTTP listener.
  • Antlr - the best parser generator ever, used to define the Coda Language.
  • Quartz Enterprise Scheduler - provides CodaServer's cron services.
  • Caucho Hessian - the binary web service protocol used to talk to CodaServer.
  • JVYAML - a YAML library that lets CodaServer read its config files.
  • JavaRegex - a SteveSoft library for Perl regular expressions in Java. Used for the type parser.
  • Glowacki - I know nothing about them, except that they created a CalendarParser class and made it available under a liberal license online. Thank you Glowacki.
  • Doug Hughes - Doug wrote a ByteArrayClassLoader that I couldn't get working for this first release. I do believe it will eventually pave the way to other scripting languages in CodaServer.
  • HSQLDB and MySQL - the initial two target databases for CodaServer.

All of these projects are copyrighted to their respective owners and available under their own licenses.