The Business Rules Engine

Connecting Using CodaClient

Now that you have the server set up, let's try to connect to it.

Unzip the CodaClient file to the desired location on your filesystem. You should have a directory that looks something like this:


For convenience over repeated sessions, it is easiest to set up the (or runClient.bat on Windows) script to connect using a specified user and password. Open up the file in your favorite text editor. If you have just installed CodaServer, the default port number is 3407, the username is ROOT, and the password is whatever you typed in as the last parameter used when formatting the CodaServer databaase. If the server is on your local machine, try connecting to host Save and exit.

You should be ready to go! Make sure your server is running (go to a web browser and type in your hostname and port in the "http://hostname:port" format) and type ./ at the command line. If it says something like:

CodaClient 0.1 Alpha

Coda %: 

you are in!

Note: Sometimes personal firewall softare like Windows Firewall will block attempts to connect to your CodaServer installation. If this happens you may need to add an exception for your CodaServer port in your firewall configuration.