The Business Rules Engine


Create Index

create_index := CREATE INDEX <index_name> ON 
                [ <application_name> . ]? <table_name> 
                ( <column_name> [ , ... ]* ) 
                [ UNIQUE ]?

Creates an index on the provided table columns or form fields.

Indexes give the database hints as to how data will be used, and let it optimize itself so particular queries perform quicker. Additionally, the UNIQUE flag can be used to ensure data integrity since those columns or fields cannot contain duplicate values.

Due to CodaServer's architecture, the details of the index implementation are left up to the underlying database engine and its Coda driver. If database index optimization takes place outside of the CodaServer environment, care should be taken to make sure the index names chosen don't collide with those known to Coda

Drop Index

drop_index := DROP INDEX [ <application_name> . ]? <index_name>

Drops an index from CodaServer and removed the index from the underlying database.