The Business Rules Engine


There are several different ways to get help and guidance with CodaServer.

The Manual

The biggest resource of all and the official source of information for CodaServer and the Coda language.

Getting Started Guide

Covers setting up CodaServer and the command line CodaClient.


Walks through an example of building an application the Coda Way. Introduces unique Coda concepts.

Language Reference

Lists the syntax and effect of every CodaServer/Coda language command.


A forum for users of CodaServer. Contains answers to common questions.

Mailing Lists

CodaServer Users - a mailing list for users of the CodaServer Business Rules Engine
CodaServer Developers - a mailing list for people interested in the development of CodaServer itself, as well as its application language and database drivers

Mike-O-Matic Blog

Contains more examples and tidbits about CodaServer, as well as humorous and snappy software-related content.